Hosting Options for Small Websites

Hosting a website is a great way to boost your business or personal brand. Even a small website with a single landing page can greatly increase your online presence. There are a lot of shared hosting options available for small businesses or brands that don’t need the full power and resources a dedicated server offers. With a personalized hosting plan, you can quickly and easily get your website online and available for users around the world.

What is Shared Hosting?

When you host a website, you need a server to connect your coding to the internet for users to see. Servers can cost a great deal and require specialized knowledge and time to maintain. A hosting provider stores servers in a secure environment, hiring teams of experts to maintain them. Instead of hosting your website on a server by yourself, you can instead share the server with other websites. After all, not every website needs the full resources and power a dedicated server provides. Although you share the server with other website owners, your website still gets the full attention and support a site on a dedicated server would receive.

The Benefits of Shared Hosting

Although you lose out on the power and resources of a dedicated server, there are several benefits that shared hosting provides you and your company.

Lower Costs

By sharing server space with other websites, you also share the server costs. When you have a dedicated server, you have to pay for the maintenance, storage, and hardware of that server. This can be costly, and if you’re only hosting a small website, that cost is hardly ever worth the revenue your site can generate. By teaming up with other websites, you share the cost responsibility with other owners, reducing your financial strain.

Easy Setup and Use

When you use an entire server for your website needs, there are a lot of configurations and setups you need to go through before your website can go live. With a shared server, however, all the initialization is already complete. Instead of having to make sure all of the hardware and software are up-to-date and downloaded, you simply have to log in to your cPanel and make sure your website specifics are correct. With a quicker setup, your website will be available as soon as possible with little hassle and stress on your end.

Connection and Speed

Sometimes, when you share a server with other websites, high traffic on one of those sites can cause slowing issues on your own website. But with a powerful combination of CloudLinux technology and a LiteSpeed Web Server, your website is guaranteed to only be affected by your usage. Although you’re sharing the server with others, you have a set number of dedicated resources used to help keep your website up and running, no matter what.

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Safety and Security

No matter what shared hosting plan you choose, you’ll get the best in safety and security for your data and information. A shared server is managed by specialists who ensure that there are no data breaches or out-of-date hardware that could pose a threat to your website. On-site managers also work to keep your server from overheating or being vandalized. With a team of experts watching over your server, your website is guaranteed to be safe and secure.

Shared Hosting Plans

At HostForWeb, we offer a variety of shared hosting plans perfect for any kind of small website. Each plan is flexible to help fit your needs, and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. 


The mini plan is perfect for single-page websites that don’t see a lot of traffic and don’t have a need for additional power. The mini plan gives you access to:

  • 1 Website

  • 10GB SSD Storage

  • 100GB Traffic

If you have a simple website, such as a landing page for a new product or an informational page for your brand, the mini plan offers the most cost-effective shared hosting plan starting at $59 a year.


The smart plan is perfect for personal websites and blogs that see more traffic and user interaction. The smart plan gives you access to:

  • Unlimited Websites

  • Unlimited SSD storage

  • Unlimited Traffic

  • Free Domain ($14.95 Value)

If you have a multi-page website, such as a travel blog or personal portfolio, the smart plan offers more power and resources starting at $4.17 a month.

Business Pro

The business pro plan is perfect for eCommerce and other professional websites that have greater user functions and require more hardware and resources. The business pro plan gives you access to:

  • Unlimited Websites

  • Unlimited SSD storage

  • Unlimited Traffic

  • Free Domain ($14.95 Value)

  • 2.5 x CPU/Memory Resources

  • Private SSL Certificate ($19.95 Value)

  • Dedicated IP Address ($24 Value)

  • Daily Vulnerability Scan ($99 Value)

If you have a heavy-duty website, such as an online shop or user forum, the business pro plan offers the most power and support, starting at $9.77 a month.

No matter which plan you choose, your hosting experience will benefit from the following features:

  • Pure SSD Drives

  • LiteSpeed Web Server

  • 30-Day Guarantee

  • Free Backups

  • Free 1-Click Installer with over 300 applications available

  • Multi PHO Environment

  • Optimization for WordPress integration

  • CloudFlare CDN

  • SSH Access

  • Support for Google Apps

Shared Hosting with HostForWeb

At HostForWeb, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best hosting experience possible. Our easy-to-install system makes hosting a website a breeze. With a variety of shared hosting options, each customizable, you’re guaranteed to find a hosting plan that fits your needs. If you’re ready to upgrade your online presence and give your business a boost, you can browse our available plans online or give us a call at 1-833-201-8322 if you need assistance with your account.

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