Three Major Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018

As we move from 2017 into 2018, many of us are looking back at the year that just passed. At our foibles and failings; our victories and accomplishments. But it’s also a time for looking ahead - a time to prepare for what the New Year will bring.

And where cybersecurity is concerned, it brings a lot - not all of it good. The more you know about what there is to come, the better able you’ll be to prepare yourself for it. That’s what we’re here to talk about today.

Let’s get started.

Businesses Face New Regulatory Challenges

If nothing else, 2017 was the year that governments around the world finally became cognizant of the need for better regulations around business and consumer data. Measures like GDPR are very likely only the beginning, and as more and more lawmakers step forward to defend the privacy and safety of the consumer, complying with them will become increasingly challenging. Many US businesses will already fail to meet GDPR compliance by the time the deadline arrives.

Many more will find themselves challenged by the regulations that pass afterwards.

Password Authentication Falls Out Of Favor

If nothing else, the massive influx of breaches we saw this year should have served as a wakeup call for consumers and businesses alike. Passwords are, on their own, simply insufficient to truly protect critical data. Although the savvier amongst us have already done so, 2018 will mark the year that decision-makers and business leaders will move away from traditional forms of authentication en masse.

After all, the technology for better authentication is already there. Biometric data, behavioral-based authentication, and device-based authentication have all been steadily gaining steam over the past several years. 2018 will, with any luck, serve as their true renaissance.

The Risk of IoT Grows Ever Larger

There will be millions of connected devices and endpoints brought online in 2018. And the lion’s share of them will have little to nothing in terms of security measures. If botnets like Mirai are any indication, 2018 will see larger, more devastating botnets than ever before - and there will be little we can do about them save shoring up our defenses.

Botnets are not the only threat, either. Even a simple coffee maker can serve as an entry point to critical enterprise networks for hackers. While organizations and governments cooperate on an international scale to stop devastatingly-large, IoT-backed botnets, business leaders must also remember to defend against the threats on their own network.

Closing Thoughts

A great deal happened in the cybersecurity space this year - developments that set the stage for 2018 in a very big way. By understanding that foundation as well as what the new year will bring, you can prepare your business to excel, and keep its data safe while it does so. 

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