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With HostForWeb's cloud services, you’ll have industry leading performance, security, capability and fault tolerance working for you. We know you deserve the best for your hosting, so why not pick us?

  • Great For Developers

  • ​A wealth of images and apps

  • Designed for reliability

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Disk Space




Cloud NVMe 1


50 GB

2 TB

2 GB

1 vCPU

Cloud NVMe 2


80 GB

4 TB

4 GB

2 vCPU

Cloud NVMe 3


120 GB

4 TB

6 GB

3 vCPU

Cloud NVMe 4


160 GB

5 TB

8 GB

4 vCPU

Cloud NVMe 5


240 GB

6 TB

12 GB

5 vCPU

Cloud NVMe 6


320 GB

7 TB

16 GB

6 vCPU

Cloud NVMe 7


480 GB

8 TB

24 GB

7 vCPU

Cloud NVMe 8


640 GB

8 TB

32 GB

8 vCPU

Cloud NVMe 9


960 GB

9 TB

48 GB

12 vCPU

Cloud NVMe 10


1280 GB

10 TB

64 GB

16 vCPU

Сloud Manager: Deploy. Reinstall. Reboot. Console.

Thanks to the HostForWeb's My Cloud panel, you have full control of your cloud environment whenever you need it. Deploy. Reinstall. Reboot. Add power. Downgrade. You can do it all, easily, from one location.

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​Fastest performing I/O

Thanks to HostForWeb's enterprise level storage solutions and our KVM platform, we make sure that your business enjoys the fastest performing I/O there is. Period.

Seamless Failover

We store your cloud server centrally, unconnected to the nodes it runs on and backed up by a robust failover process. In the unlikely event of a node failure, your system will automatically restart - with minimal disruption to you.

On-Demand Scaling

If you need more resources for your website, all you have to do is ask. Our cloud servers are configured to draw on an unmatched pool of computing resources, consisting of hundreds of servers. 

A Powerful Control Panel

Fully-customizable and equipped with hundreds of ready-to-run VM templates, our user-friendly control panel makes management of your cloud server and website a breeze. 

​24/7/365 Customer Support

It doesn’t matter when you run into trouble. We’ll be there, even if it’s a holiday. 

Enterprise-Grade Hardware

We’ve invested heavily into our cloud infrastructure to ensure our clients have the best experience possible. Juniper and HP equipment together allow us to deliver a 100% uptime SLA, while our cloud storage infrastructure is based on high-end Hitachi Mercury SANs.

  • ​What is self-managed hosting?

    Self-Managed clouds are perfect cost-efficient solution for developers. The cloud is the newest generation of infrastructure delivery, enabling clients to lease highly-available resources on an as-needed basis. It surpasses the majority of hosting solutions in terms of speed, reliability, pricing, and convenience.

  • How Does It Work?

    With a cloud server, multiple high-powered nodes act together to increase performance, creating a large pool of server capability. At HostForWeb, our cloud scales to hundreds of servers, meaning clients have access to a virtually unlimited amount of computing power. Resources are dynamically distributed in the cloud, ensuring that none are sitting idle. In addition, our fully-redundant cloud hosting system acts as a powerful failover measure.

    In the highly unlikely event that one node goes down, another will immediately take its place. 

  • How Do I Know If It’s For Me?

    If you want a highly-available hosting service capable of accommodating periods of high traffic without having to worry about downtime or scalability, the cloud is the perfect fit for you. Our cloud hosting solution offers an unmatched level of redundancy, in addition to providing you with the ability to scale as-needed, paying only for the resources that you use. With unbeatable uptime, unlimited resources, and incredible efficiency, what better solution is there? 

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