What is Reseller Hosting, and How Can It Help My Business?

Running a business takes a lot of time, effort, and money. Every extra service you can offer helps you grow your business and find more clients. With reseller hosting, you can take your professional career to the next level. It’s perfect for freelance web designers, content writers, or marketers who want to provide more for their clients. Reseller hosting plans allow you to expand your services offered, helping you get ahead of the competition.

Reseller Hosting – The Basics

What Is It?

Reseller hosting is when you purchase hosting packages through a hosting provider and then sell them on to your clients. When doing so, you can alter the ‘packaging’ of the plan, allowing you to put your own logo and brand name on everything the client sees. Your client gets the powerful hosting options the provider allows, while you get the peace of mind of knowing you have control over everything and don’t have to work through a third party for anything. Reseller plans give you access to 24/7 customer support, so you don’t even need to have a strong working knowledge of hosting before getting started.

How It Works

When you purchase a reseller plan from your hosting provider, you get a full-service hosting platform to work with. However, it comes pre-packaged with the ability to customize the look and feel of the cPanel/WHM. You can go in and upload your logo and other branding materials to make it look and feel like it’s your own. Then, all you need to do is offer this plan to your clients. They can create their own log-in information, allowing them to access the same account you can. This way, both you and your client can adjust settings as needed and keep an eye on the website’s status and reports.

Why It Works

Reseller hosting has become increasingly popular, especially as the desire for remote work continues to grow. It’s a great way for freelancers to add extra services that help them appeal to more clients. When a client hires a web developer or content creator, they’ll be especially impressed if that person can also host for them. They don’t even need to know that you’re working through a hosting provider. You get all the support and power a provider allows while leaving a strong and lasting impression on your clients.

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Reseller Hosting and Business Growth

When you run your own business, you need to do everything you can to find more clients. The more services and products you can offer, the more appealing you’ll be. Even if you aren’t a freelancer or remote worker already, you can still make a business out of reselling hosting plans alone. It’s a great way to make extra cash without having to spend too much time doing extra work.

Customer Support

One of the best benefits reseller hosting offers a business is the customer support of the hosting provider. Hosting providers hire teams of skilled and experienced technicians who are available 24/7 to respond to any emergency situation or pertinent question. Computers and websites don’t always wait until business hours to have a problem. When you resell through a hosting provider, you get full customer support that can help you and your client if anything goes wrong.


Hosting providers have access to a wide range of servers, and it’s a lot easier for them to upgrade, downgrade, or switch hosting plans in a timely manner. Sometimes you or your client may think you’ll need one kind of plan but find soon enough that it’s not going to work for you. If you’re hosting on your own or working through a third-party hosting provider, it’s a lot more difficult getting the changes you need. As a reseller, you can help your clients adjust their hosting plans and services quickly and efficiently.


Being able to put your own logo, name, and contact information on the services you provide is great business. Not only does it show off your professionalism, but it creates effective advertising as well. When you work as a reseller, you get to fully customize each package that you sell. Your client will never know that you’re working with a hosting provider; they’ll just be impressed at all the services you offer.

Reseller Hosting Plans

HostForWeb provides a variety of reseller hosting plans that perfectly fit you and your client’s needs. Starting at $26.95 a month, we provide you with 50 cPanel accounts at 100 GB SSD disk space and 1000 GB bandwidth. As your business needs and client lists start to grow, you can quickly and easily upgrade your hosting plan, up to 400 cPanel accounts at 400 GB SSD disk space and 4000 GB bandwidth. No matter what kind of hosting power your clients need, we’re able to provide it.

Reseller Hosting with HostForWeb

At HostForWeb, our business is dedicated to helping your business grow. Our powerful and resourceful web hosting plans provide unbeatable stability and speed for our clients. And these services can be extended easily to your own clients with our reseller hosting plans. As a reseller, you’ll get access to our expert customer support team, fully scalable hosting plans, and free website migration assistance. When you resell hosting plans with us, you improve your business while helping your clients find the best hosting option available. To get started boosting your business, you can browse our reseller hosting plans online or give us a call at 1-833-201-8322 if you have any questions.

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