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How To Protect Your Website From The New WordPress Core Vulnerability 28 Jun,2018

As you may have already heard, a new vulnerability has been discovered with Wordpress - and this time it’s not associated with a plugin. It impacts WordPress Core. Left unaddressed, it could give attackers the ability to delete files, including those that are security-critical. Here’s how to prevent that from happening.

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Secrets and Lies - How You Can Use Deception Technology Against Cyber-Criminals 27 Jun,2018

You have to protect your systems and data against countless attacks. The cyber-criminals trying to get in only have to succeed once. It might seem impossible to even the scales here - but it might be easier than you’d think. And it all starts with a lie.

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Thirty Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Website Goes Live 30 Apr,2018

Unless you’re primarily serving an audience that doesn’t use the Internet, you probably need a website. And once you’ve done the legwork to set one up, there are a few things you’ll need to make sure you do before launching.

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Three Things To Consider When Purchasing A Premium WordPress Theme 28 Apr,2018

The right theme can make all the difference for your WordPress site - and as luck would have it, there are plenty of phenomenal-looking themes out there on the web. Don’t just buy one right off the bat, though. You need to be both careful and deliberate. Here’s why.

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Cybersecurity and Public Safety In The Era of Advanced Hacking 01 Apr,2018

Just a decade ago, the only thing a hacker could really do was steal some data. Sure, that could cause a lot of financial trouble, but not much else. That’s changed, though - and you need to be ready.

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