Sky with clouds
Cloud Ops is the Future: Why You Should Move Your IT Operations to the Cloud 07 May,2019

Much has already been written on the capacity of the cloud to make a business more flexible and agile. You’ve read on more than one occasion about how cloud computing can reduce costs and free up your IT department to focus on other things. But how? And more importantly, how can you move your own IT operations into the cloud?

Bank safe
Why Biometrics is the Next Evolution of Password Security 10 Apr,2019

The password as an authentication feature needs to die. It’s just that no one has really wanted to admit it. The good news is that a potential replacement is around the corner - biometrics.

Man with laptop
How to Strike a Balance Between Privacy and The Data-Driven Economy 05 Mar,2019

The idea that digital privacy is dead is widespread. That belief hasn’t stopped privacy advocates from pushing for better, more widespread user protections. Nor has it prevented a pushback from marketing agencies and other data-driven organizations. Will there ever be a happy medium between the two?

Artificial Intellegence
The Real Danger of AI Is Incompetence, Not The Singularity 01 Feb,2019

The idea of killer robots - of artificial intelligence that one day deems humanity obsolete - is one of the most common tropes in science fiction. And maybe someday, machine overlords will be a real threat. For the time being, however, it’s not artificial intelligence we should fear. It’s human intelligence - or the lack of it.

What Does Taylor Swift Have To Do With Cybersecurity, Exactly? 31 Jan,2019

You wouldn’t exactly expect a celebrity musician to be tuned-in to cybersecurity issues. Many superstars, after all, are notorious for either taking a hands-off approach with stuff outside their sphere or else being woefully misinformed. Taylor Swift is neither - and she might be our best bet for making people outside of IT care about data privacy.

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