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What a Recent Ring Camera Hack Can Teach Us About Cybersecurity 06 Jan,2020

Recently, footage surfaced that showed a hacked Ring camera being used by an anonymous hacker to talk to an eight-year-old girl. It’s somewhat disturbing footage, and moreover, it speaks volumes about the lack of decent cybersecurity in consumer tech. There are also lessons to be found here from the perspective of the enterprise, though.

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A Look Back at Some of the Biggest Cyber Incidents of 2019 16 Dec,2019

2019 was quite a year, wasn’t it? From the Capital One data breach to the massive string of iPhone hacks, a lot happened in the cybersecurity space - none good. As we move into 2020, let’s talk about some of the biggest, most egregious data breaches and cyber incidents of the year, and consider what we can learn from them.

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Why Github's Decision to Block the Catalan App Isn't A Big Deal 02 Dec,2019

Government censorship has been a hot topic lately, ever since the scandal involving gaming company Activision-Blizzard and professional gamer BlitzChung. You might be surprised to learn that Github has seemingly thrown its hat into the ring in that regard. At the request of the Spanish police, it has banned Catalan, an app used to mobilize protestors. Believe it or not, it made the right choice.

Cloud Security
How to Strengthen Cloud Security 29 Oct,2019

Careless employees put enough data at risk as it is. But according to a recent study by cybersecurity agency McAfee, this carelessness is even more egregious in the cloud. It’s not like you can simply choose not to adopt cloud technologies as the competitive advantages they afford you are too significant to ignore. So what can you do about it?

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3 Things to Understand About Reseller Hosting 02 Oct,2019

Reseller hosting can be a great way to get your website online without paying out too much money. There are, however, a few things you’ll need to understand about reseller hosting before you get started with it. Here are three of them.

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