HIPAA Compliant Hosting
HIPAA Compliant Hosting in a Pandemic: What You Need to Know 01 May,2020

As more and more medical data is moved online, it’s important to keep it safe with HIPAA compliant hosting. Here’s everything you need to know.

Man with mask
Understanding the Significant Impact of COVID-19 on Cybersecurity 25 Mar,2020

Cybercriminals are seizing upon the fear generated by COVID-19. Given the recent surge in remote work, this represents a significant threat from not just a business standpoint, but in terms of personal data as well. Understanding the tactics these hackers are using is the first step in defeating them.

Rremote work
3 Critical Considerations for Enabling Large-Scale Remote Work 03 Mar,2020

Coronavirus has brought about a revolution in remote work, whether we wanted it to or not. All around the world, businesses are scrambling to enable remote employees, knowing that the alternative is allowing everything to come grinding to a halt. Here are a few things you'll need to understand if your business is to follow suit.

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How Your Business Can Implement Privacy-First Customer Data Policies 17 Feb,2020

Consumer trust is currently at an all-time low. Brands simply don’t treat people’s personal data with the care that it’s due. For that reason, if your business is to stand out, you need to take things more seriously. You have an obligation to your audience. We’re going to talk about how you can meet it.

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The Wawa Breach is One of the Largest of All Time. When Do We Start Holding Companies More Accountable? 20 Jan,2020

In January, a massive repository of stolen credit card data went up for sale on the black market. The source? Wawa, a U.S. convenience store chain. It’s not only one of the first data breaches of the year, but one of the largest in history. And the story is the same one we’ve heard time and again. That needs to change.

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