Three Major Habits of Highly-Productive People 01 Nov,2018

Especially if you work in software, you’re no stranger to feeling strapped for time, and you’ve probably met at least one person in your field who isn’t. Here’s the thing - those people who always seem to be ahead of the curve aren’t any different from you or I. They’ve just cultivated a few habits that go a long way towards helping them be more productive. You can too.

Still Using An Old Version Of WordPress? Here’s Why You Need To Update. Now. 31 Oct,2018

There are plenty of reasons to stay behind when a major WordPress update comes along. Maybe updating will break some of your core plugins. Maybe you can’t afford the downtime required to perform the update. Thing is, those reasons don’t matter - if you’re not using the latest version of WordPress, you’re a security risk. And the WordPress team is addressing that.

Three Things You Can Do To Promote Better IT/End User Relations 01 Aug,2018

There’s an old, unpleasant stereotype floating around enterprise - the idea that, when it comes to the IT department and the rest of an organization, it’s an ‘us vs. them’ mentality. That’s not only outdated, it’s toxic. If your organization is to thrive, you need to do away with it. Here’s how you can.

How To Protect Your Website From The New WordPress Core Vulnerability 28 Jun,2018

As you may have already heard, a new vulnerability has been discovered with Wordpress - and this time it’s not associated with a plugin. It impacts WordPress Core. Left unaddressed, it could give attackers the ability to delete files, including those that are security-critical. Here’s how to prevent that from happening.

Secrets and Lies - How You Can Use Deception Technology Against Cyber-Criminals 27 Jun,2018

You have to protect your systems and data against countless attacks. The cyber-criminals trying to get in only have to succeed once. It might seem impossible to even the scales here - but it might be easier than you’d think. And it all starts with a lie.

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